The Domain Name Generator helps you find the perfect domain name for your business

Stop spending hours searching for a domain name. The domain name search workbench on is the perfect tool to help you find a brandable domain name for your business.

The Domain Name Generator Interface

It's true: some great domain names are already gone. However, some are not - and we make it easy for you to find them.

Our workbench combines six great tools to help you with your domain name search:

  • a domain name generator that combines syllables randomly to create a natural sounding name in different languages
  • a generator that combines keywords from lists of popular keywords to generate premium domain names
  • a tool that combines custom keywords that you enter or uses search engine results to find matching keywords
  • a dictionary tool that combines random dictionary words with prefixes and suffixes
  • a bulk domain checker tool that checks up to 50 domain names for availability
  • a domain name availability checking tool that checks all available top level domains for a given name

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Combine Random Syllables to create natural English-sounding domain names

One way to get a domain name is to randomly combine syllables. The random syllables domain generator uses a database of syllables typically found in words for a certain language and combines them to generate a natural sounding domain name. While the names sound natural, they are unlikely to be found in any dictionary. However, most of the names generated are easy to pronounce, brandable - and great if you are looking for a name for your business, too!

The Random Domain Name Generator using Random Syllables

Currently we support English, Czech, Dutch, Finnish (Suomi), French, German, Italian, Japanese, Latin, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish domain names.

In addition, we also support some artificial languages (like Sindarin from the Lord of the Rings books) and themed keyword lists as sources for syllables.

Try the Natural Language Syllables Generator

Find Keyword Domains using keyword lists

Keyword Rich domain names are domain names full of keywords related to your website. If you sell shoes, you might be interested in a domain name like But how to find a name that is still available?

The Keyword Domain Name Generator

The keyword domain generator uses pre-defined keyword lists for all kinds of topics and dictionary lists with popular English words. It combines keywords from up to 3 different lists with optional prefixes and suffixes and checks each generated domain name for availability.

As many keyword domains are already registered, you might find it helpful that our tool also checks popular aftermarket sites such as for domain names offered for sale.

Try the Keywords Domain Finder

Find Premium Domain Names using our Search Phrase Database

Discover niches and explore available premium domains containing popular exact search phrases.

The Premium Domain Name Search Engine

Domain names that exactly match a popular search phrase are very likely to be profitable. The premium domain search engine gives you access to our continously updated search phrase database and lets you discover niches you would not have thought of.

As a result you get perfectly brandable domain names, many of those refer directly to a product or even apply to a massive market.

Try the Premium Domain Search Engine

Find Tons of Creative Domain Name Ideas with our Combine Words Generator

The Idea Finder is our most comprehensive domain name generator for the creative users. Combine words, random keywords, topical lists to find the ultimate domain name.

Creative Domain Name Ideas Builder

It combines custom keywords that you enter manually or uses search engine results for a keyphrase to find matching keywords.

Alternatively, you can use the "similar words" search to queries a thesaurus and use the results as keywords.

You may combine up to 3 sets of keywords randomly.

Try the Creative Domain Name Search Tool

Generate Random Dictionary Words using our built-in English language dictionary

The dictionary domain name generator uses random dictionary words and combines them with optional prefixes and suffixes. You can define the word length and the amount of words to be used for the generated domain name.

Dictionary Domain Names Finder

Dictionary words used by the domain name generator are selected randomly, but from a database that contains only the most frequently used words. You may select to combine two random words from that database as well.

Try the Random Dictionary Words Generator

Check up to 50 domains for availability in bulk

Use our Bulk Check tool to check domain name availability for up to 50 domain names in one run.

Bulk Domain Name Availability Check

Domain names are checked in real-time, using multiple threads. All checks are performed on our servers for the fastest results.

The available domain names can be copied from a copy-and-paste box underneath the results. In addition to checking for domain name availability, the generator also checks if a domain name is for sale on popular domain auction and aftermarket platforms.

Try the Bulk Domain Name Check Tool

Check multiple TLDs like .com, .net and at the same time

Finding one available domain name is great, but are other TLDs for the same name available as well?

Check multiple TLDs at the same time

Use our multiple TLD domain name availability check to check multiple extensions for a domain name.

You may either access this feature through its tab in the domain name generator interface or use the "All Extensions" link in the results table. That link is shown for each domain name returned by the generator.

Try the Multiple Extensions Domain Name Checker

Get the Domain Name Generator for your Desktop

Use our powerful domain name generator with the comfort of a desktop application on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, as well as under Linux and MacOS X.

Desktop Domain Name Generator

The desktop client supports all features of our online generator and some features unique to desktop operating systems, such as native clipboard support.

Domain names are checked for their availability in real-time, using our server's multithreaded domain name checker -- giving you the fastest user experience.

Download the free Domain Name Generator Desktop Client

The Domain Name Generator is the most comprehensive domain name search tool available. Use it to find available domain names for multiple extensions, use word lists, the dictionary or use web search results to generate creative domain names. Next Generation Domain Name Search

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Download the free Desktop Client lookup working again / new desktop client update soon

2011-04-12 18:05:18We’ve been able to resolve a problem resulting in domain names not being checked for availability. Please note that due to Nominet’s restrictions there is a limit of the amount of...

Domain Name Generator Desktop Client v1.0.5 Released

2010-10-18 15:55:36We’ve just released version 1.0.5 of the Domain Name Generator Desktop Client. This release fixes a few bugs and introduces a new dynamic interface that we will use to make new...

User accounts in desktop client

2010-10-11 16:31:05We’ve had some questions regarding the user account management within our domain name generator’s desktop client. The user account tab is available since version 1.0.3 for both Windows...

New features and yet another domain name generator

2010-09-26 14:06:52We have just added some exciting new features to our domain name search tools: Premium Domain Name Search We have added a new generator to the workbench. The Premium Name Search tool gives you...

We’ve done it again: new keyword lists for geo terms

2010-09-17 08:30:16We’ve added new keyword lists to our keyword domain name generator for the new category “Geo Terms”. The new lists are: Top 100 US cities (by population) US States (abbreviations)...

Three new keyword lists for the keyword list generator

2010-09-11 11:55:35We’ve added three more keyword lists to our domain name generator. Try out the Top 1000 names in the US (male/female first names and surnames).

Upcoming Update to our Desktop Domain Name Search Tool 1.0.5

2010-08-26 07:10:54Thanks to our first users, we’ve been able to improve our Domain Name Generator Desktop Client significantly. The upcoming release 1.0.5 for Windows and Mac will feature bookmarks/favorites...

Domain Name Generator for MacOS X – Early version for testing

2010-07-25 21:20:18This is the first public release for the MacOS X version of the desktop domain name generator. This package does not come with an installer — just extract the TAR file and run the tool. All...

13 new keyword lists for the keyword domain name generator

2010-07-22 20:05:22We have just added 13 new keyword lists to the domain name generator, the online widget and our desktop domain name generator: Topics: House & Home Legal Terms Sports II Vacation Halloween...

Domain Name Generator Desktop Client for Windows – Update

2010-07-22 08:04:08We have released another update for our domain name generator, which is now available for free on the product page or via direct download. The package now uses a different installer and the upgrade... Domain Name Generator has been rated Image 5 out of 5 based on 29 ratings.


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